Medtner, late 1940s Nikolai Medtner


  • Medtner Song Texts

    Translations of some of Medtner's songs in English and other languages. See also Drinker's English texts.

  • Medtner in London

    Russian TV programme with footage of 69 Wentworth Road and its present inhabitant, and of Medtner's copy of Pushkin with his musical annotations. Hamish Milne and Francis Pott feature.

  • Men and Music

    Lecture on Medtner by Erik Chisholm in 1964, giving details of Medtner's visits to Scotland in 1931.

  • Edna Iles and Medtner

  • Joyce Hatto and Medtner

    Extract from a MusicWeb article by Ates Orga, quoting William Barrington-Coupe (believe what you will).

  • Rob Barnett review

    Personal account of the author's discovery of Medtner through broadcasts and recordings.

  • Philip Pullman article

    Article in Granta magazine published in 2001.

  • International Medtner Foundation

    US based organisation dedicated to the promotion of Medtner's music. Its main achievements have been the publication of the complete sonatas and Fairy Tales by Dover, and the hosting of the First International Medtner Festival in New York. The website has not been updated since 2005.


  • 9329 Nikolaimedtner

    Asteroid named after Medtner.

  • Sabu

    How the child actor Sabu was discovered as a real life elephant boy working for the Maharajah of Mysore. It seems that the Maharajah's brother, the father of Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Bahadur, discovered him.


Emil, Anna and Nikolai

Emil, Anna and Nikolai Medtner


Emil, Nikolai and Anna

Emil, Nikolai and Anna in apartment Emiliya, Gnezdnikovsky lane, Moscow, 1907-8


Medtner, 1910

Medtner, 1910