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Nikolai Karlovich Medtner This website is an information resource for those interested in the Russian composer Nicolas Medtner (1880-1951).

The catalogue of works contains the following:

  • Composition and publication dates
  • Currently available editions
  • Discography, including LPs and 78s
  • For some works, variorum of editions
Publications include pdf scans of:
  • the English translation of The Muse and the Fashion
  • Drinker's English texts for the Songs of Nicholas Medtner
  • Richard Holt's booklets for the Medtner Society recordings
Downloads include:
  • Recordings by Medtner in 1946-50
  • 1950s recordings by Ginsburg, Flier, Petri, Sofronitsky, Oistrakh, Dolukhanova, Kazantseva, Shaposhnikov and Rozhdestvenskaya
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