Suppliers of Medtner sheet music


Publishers of the majority of Medtner's works from Op 37 onwards. These can be ordered from their online shop, which also offers B&H and Belaieff publications.

Boosey & Hawkes

Online shop lists a mixture of their own and other publishers' editions. Handlers for Édition Russe de Music. The catalogue lists ERM publications up to Op 35. I have had mixed success with the custom print service. My attempt in 2006 to order the Op 17 Novelles and Op 19 songs elicited the reply "The complete Op 19 and Op 17 are now out of print, and we are unable to obtain or produce copies". The catalogue now explicitly states that these items are for sale, so future requests may be more fruitful.

Stainer & Bell

Will supply authorised photocopies of the Op 58 two-piano works. Speedy service.

Dover Publications

Publishes the piano sonatas (in two volumes) and the complete Fairy Tales. Reproduced from the 1959 Collected Edition with translations of the Russian footnotes etc.

Recital Publications

US publisher offering reprints of the early songs. Can also be ordered through Theodore Front, who will ship outside the USA.

Classical Vocal Repertoire Classical Vocal Reprints

Offers reprints of the early songs within the USA.


Finland-based distributor of Russian books, sheet music and media. Offers some Medtner scores published in Russia.

The online vendors offering the largest selection of Medtner are Boosey & Hawkes, Sheet Music Plus and (which has an English language option).

Digital sheet music



Offers all Medtner's published works except the early sonatina. The majority of scans are from the Collected Edition or later Soviet editions based on it. Some works are available in more than one edition.

The entire Collected Edition.

Russian Piano Society

All works except the piano quintet, a few works with no opus and the full scores of the concertos. Includes the early sonatina. Mixture of editions for the solo works; songs are from the 1959 Collected Edition apart from Op 19, Op 19a and Op 52. The site used to go down without warning but seems stable these days.

Many other composers' works, particularly Russian, are downloadable from The Score Library. Non-Russian speakers will find the URLs useful for decoding the works (hover over the link with the mouse).

Boris Tarakanov

Most of the complete works, with the exception of the piano quintet and the full scores of the concertos. Mixture of editions.

Scribd Scribd

Requires registration; downloads free if you upload a file in return. Scores are mostly from the Collected Edition and hence more easily obtained elsewhere.


$35 bundle includes scans of most of Medtner's works. Mixture of editions. A few scores have missing pages. Most of these scans are downloadable from Boris Tarakanov's site.