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Under individual works are listed all commercial recordings known to me. If you know of other recordings, please get in touch; smilarly, if you find errors or are able to provide actual recording dates. I am grateful to Miguel Montfort and other correspondents for alerting me to many issues on unfamiliar labels.

Piano rolls made by Medtner and others are not listed unless a sound recording exists. They are listed in the BIRS article Medtner recordings.

Recording dates can be difficult to establish and some may be inaccurate. A few dates from the LP era are taken from the IPQ discography but I have found other dates in the article to be incorrect, though usually only by a year or two. The BIRS discography only dates non-commercial recordings. Dates given as circa are usually estimated from the release date. For Melodiya LPs many releases can be dated from the catalogue number. For a few LPs neither the recording nor the release date could be established.

Downloads are listed if this was the sole or primary medium of release, or if the original CD is no longer available and the company has licensed a download on another label. A few others are listed that are (legally) free. Where a label offers its recording in both CD and downloadable formats, only the CD is listed.

nla means the recording is not listed in the issuing company's current catalogue, without regard to distribution. A deleted CD is not given as nla if it is still available as a download on that label. I have not attempted to keep up with deletions, so the absence of nla does not necessarily mean a CD is still available.


Deleted CDs can often be obtained secondhand, and sometimes new from suppliers who acquire stocks of deleted items or "dead" labels such as Russian Disc. Discogs, Amazon (.com,, .de and .jp), ebay, and MusicStack are good places to start. To find some Melodiya LPs on the Discogs website you may need to search on the Cyrillic text.

For unfamiliar labels, a Google search will usually bring up a supplier. Presto Classical sells many lesser-known labels.

Ruslania offers a good service and has some Vista Vera issues, but not all of them. You need to search on both Medtner and Metner.

Mejoueva's recordings on Denon and Wakabayashi, Bekhterev's on the Camerata label, and some other Japanese CDs can be ordered online from HMV Japan. Amazon Japan will also deliver internationally, but their shipping charges are high.

The French site is a trading platform for sellers of new and secondhand recordings. Sellers in Russia and other former Soviet countries advertise here.

Other discographies

A discography of commercial recordings of the solo piano works and concertos was published in the Autumn 1998 issue of International Piano Quarterly. An earlier discography (1978) covering all works was published in the BIRS journal. The latter includes BIRS tapes of BBC radio broadcasts and some private recordings by Edna Iles and others. Melodiya: a Soviet Russian L.P. discography by John R Bennett lists Melodiya vinyl releases up to c.1975. The discography in Flamm's thesis gives a complete listing of Medtner's own recordings, taken from Barrie Martyn's BIRS article, and a partial list of other historic recordings, without recording dates.

All of these sources have been consulted in the compilation of the present discography. In most cases I have been able to check the accuracy of the data against physical LPs/CDs or information posted on the web by dealers or collectors, generally scans of record covers or labels. Significant errors (e.g. incorrect works) or discrepancies in the IPQ, BIRS and Bennett discographies are mentioned in the footnotes.