The Angel, Op 1 bis

Date: 1905
For: Voice (medium high) and piano
Published by: Jurgenson 1909
Availability: Classical Vocal Reprints (reprint of 1959)


? Kozlovsky 1945-65 ten LP Melodiya D 028063/4†
Andrew sop/Tozer 1993 CD Chandos CHAN9327
Amaize bbar/Korevaar 2000 CD Musicians Showcase 1042

† Bennett's book and the BIRS discography both give Op 1a. However some of Kozlovsky's recordings were later reissued on Melodiya M10-41287/8 and on this disc The Angel, for which no opus no. is given, is Op 36 no 1 not Op 1a.

Reworking of the first of the 8 Stimmingsbilder Op 1