Two Fairy Tales, Op 20

Date: 1909
For: Piano
Published by: Édition Russe de Musique 1910
Availability: Dover (1959/2001); St Petersburg Music Publishing House (2006); Boosey & Hawkes (no.1); International Music Co. (no.1, in Album of Selected Pieces)


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† date given as 1961; The Vista Vera disc gives 18 February 1952
‡ date incorrectly given as 1995 in the International Piano Quarterly discography

Medtner made an unpublished recording of Op 20 no 1 for Columbia in 1931.

Transcription of Op 20 no 1 for violin and piano
by Jascha Heifetz, published 1949 by Carl Fischer, New York. Dedicated to Horowitz


Heifetz/Bay 1946 78 Victor 10-1295 (set M 1126), HMV DA1914 LP RCA Red Seal ARM4-0946, RCA Red Seal R233261, Melodiya M10-44305/8 CD RCA Gold Seal 09026 61737-2, BMG BVCC37129-132 4cds - nla

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I have a 1923 Soviet edition of the pair, and an Édition Russe de Musique of Op 20 no 1 that can be dated 1921-1922 from the format of the cover. I have referred to this edition as "1921" in the variorum. Although my copy bears the original plate no. and is doubtless based on the same engraving, it does not follow that it is identical to the original 1910 edition because Koussevitsky often added markings to scores published after he reconstituted Édition Russe de Musique in Paris in 1921. It is more likely that the 1923 Soviet edition, although re-engraved, follows the original as it lacks some of the markings in the 1921 edition. The variorum is written on the assumption that the reader is in possession of the 1959 Collected Edition; the Dover is identical apart from translations of the Russian. No.1 also features in an anthology published in 1941 in New York. It is identical to the 1921 edition and uses the same engraving.

Note the misprint in the 1959 edition in bar 51 of Op 20 no 2. The majority of performers have not spotted this even though E natural is musically incorrect in the context of the previous and following bars. There is another error in bar 114, and a few minor or obvious errors elsewhere in this piece and in Op 20 no 1.

Op 20 no 1

There are no fingerings in the 1921 and 1923 editions.

Op 20 no 2

The title "Campanella" and the subtitle are absent from the 1923 edition. It also lacks the indications tenebroso and sempre al rigore di tempo e sostenuto, reiterated in the footnote of the 1959 edition. These are all handwritten additions to Medtner's own copy of the original edition (reproduced in Natascha Konsistorum's biography) except that Medtner's footnote reads "Whoever finds it boring to play this al rigore di tempo had better leave this piece alone". As Barrie Martyn points out in his biography, Medtner was so insistent on this point that he wrote out the marking separately on each of the nine pages.

Not all recordings observe Medtner's instruction.

The 1923 edition has no pedal marks.