Violin sonata no.1 in B minor, Op 21

Date: 1909-10
For: Violin and piano
Published by: Édition Russe de Musique c.1911
Availability: Boosey & Hawkes (copy of ERM c.1922)


Hansen/Medtner 1947 LP Thomas Clear TLC2582 4LPs (limited ed.) CD Appian (vol.2) APR5547, St-Laurent (vol.7) YSL 78-027

Malinin/Stern c.1965 LP Melodiya D 016139/40 sleeve
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Yanagita/Osada-Holt 2023 CD Sheva Collection

† also spelt Feighin, Feygin, Feyghin

There are a number of differences between the 1922 and 1959 editions. The most notable difference is to be found in the leggiero passage in bars 127-130 of the first movement, where the notes are slurred in the original edition but marked spiccato in the 1959 edition. Cecilia Hansen in her 1947 recording with Medtner plays a half-staccato. Of the later recordings, only Kagan/Richter follow the original edition.

In the 1959 edition, the harmonic is absent on the final note of the first movement in the piano score but is present in the violin part. In the 1922 edition the harmonic is present in both parts.

There is a State Publishing House edition c.1958 with fewer markings than the 1922 edition. There are a few other works where a later ERM edition has revisions to the original, so it is possible that the Soviet engraving is based on an earlier ERM edition. The Moscow "Muzyka" edition (c.1980) on the IMSLP site is an exact copy of the 1959 edition apart from the heading.