Four Fairy Tales, Op 26

Date: 1912
For: Piano
Published by: Édition Russe de Musique 1913
Availability: Dover (1959/2001); Boosey & Hawkes (1913); St Petersburg Music Publishing House (2006); International Music Co. (no.3, in Album of Selected Pieces)


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Medtner also made unpublished recordings of Op 26 nos 2 and 3 for Columbia in 1930.

As is often the case, the 1959 Collected Edition contains additional markings and the odd alteration to dynamics. The differences are most marked in no.3, in which each edition has tempo and dynamic indications not present in the other.

I have an Édition Russe de Musique score of no.1 printed after 1930 (most probably 1930-1936) that contains numerous markings not present in either of the other editions. The notes below refer to this as the 1930 edition.

Op 26 no 1

Op 26 no 2

Op 26 no 3

Op 26 no 4