Six Pushkin Poems, Op 32

Date: 1914
For: Voice (medium/high) and piano
Published by: Édition Russe de Musique 1916
Availability: #4 only: Kompozitor (St Petersburg) in Forgotten Pages of Russian Romance (2004)


no. 1
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nos. 1, 2, 6
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no. 4
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nos. 4, 5
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no. 5
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† In English. See notes to Op 15.

‡ The BIRS discography also lists "Remembrance" Op 32 no 8 (sic) on both these Melodiya LPs. Bennett's book Melodiya: a Soviet Russian L.P. discography lists only "Could I forget (Pushkin)" without an opus number, which fits the text of Op 32 no 5, on each disc. The lack of an opus no., if Bennett is correct, might have led to confusion on the part of the BIRS authors. If a reader is in possession of D 5976/7 please get in touch.

** Incorrectly stated by Russian Disc as recorded in 1966-8 with Svetlanova, and by Vista Vera as 1958 with Svetlanova. See notes to Op 36.

The text of Op 32 no 5 is actually by Pushkin's friend and contemporary Baron Anton Del'vig.

Transcription of Op 32 no 4 for piano solo
by Hamish Milne, unpublished

Milne 1998 CD Brilliant Classics 9195 7cds, 8851 7cds, CRD (vol.6) CRD3509