Four Fairy Tales, Op 34

Date: 1916-7
For: Piano
Published by: State Publishing House 1919
Availability: Dover (1959/2001); Boosey & Hawkes (no.2 – reprint of 1922 ERM)


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nos. 1–3
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no. 2
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† The IPQ and BIRS discographies err in omitting Op 34 no 3.

Medtner recorded a Duo-Art piano roll of Op 34 no 3 in 1925 (published 1931)

Transcription of Op 34 no 2 for violin and piano
by M Vladimirsky

Malinin/Stern c.1965 LP Melodiya D 016139/40 sleeve

Koussewitsky republished the Op 34 set in 1922 after re-establishing Édition Russe de Musique in Paris. As with other Medtner works first published in Russia after the nationalisation of the musical press, he had to re-engrave the work as he did not have access to the original plates. I only have the ERM of no.2, of which the Boosey & Hawkes edition is an exact copy. Like many other contemporary ERM publications it is subtitled Edited by F. H. Schneider in an (apparently futile) attempt to secure copyright in the USA.

Numerous dynamic and expressive markings were added in the 1959 Collected Edition, especially in no.1. A few of these are not trivial. In bar 17 of no.1 the tied half note B is a tenuto quarter note in the 1919 edition, and there is no staccato dot in the LH. Most of the pedal marks and fingerings originate from the 1919 edition.

None of the subtitles or quotations are present in the 1919 edition.

Op 34 no 2

One of the best known Tales. Moiseiwitsch's lovely 1928 interpretation appears to be only the second recording of a Medtner work, piano rolls excepted, the first being an idiosyncratic rendering of Op 6 no 2. The variorum assumes the reader is in possession of the 1959 edition.