Forgotten Melodies, First Cycle, Op 38

Date: 1916-22
For: Piano
Published by: Zimmermann 1922
Availability: Zimmermann (1922, sep); Moscow: Muzyka (1959/1999); Zen-On (2003, ed. Takaku/Kawakami); Dover (nos. 1, 6, 8, 1959/1998)


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no. 1  Sonata-reminiscenza
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no. 2, 6
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no. 3  Danza festiva
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no. 6  Canzona serenata
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nos. 6–8
Paperno 1958‡ LP Melodiya D 5000/1
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† Date from Philips; 1956 in IPQ

‡ No. 8 incorrectly listed as no. 1 Sonata-reminiscenza in the Bennett, BIRS and IPQ discographies. Date from Paperno's book Notes of a Moscow Pianist

The IPQ discography erroneously lists a recording by Medtner of Op 38 no 4 (it should be Op 39 no 4)

Transcription of Op 38 no 6 for balalaika
by N Osipov

Aleksandr Danilov balalaika 1979/80 LP Melodiya C20-11717/8

An earlier version of the cycle was premiered by Medtner on 28 January 1921. The programme was titled 'iz cycla "Priroda" (from the cycle "Nature") and contained the following 6 pieces:

Sonata reminiscenza a-Moll
Danza graziosa A-Dur
Danza silvestra fis-Moll
Danza festiva D-dur
Canzona fis-Moll
Alla Coda A-dur

The programme lacks Canzona fluviala and Danza rustica, and the order of the pieces differs from the published version. Danza rustica is known to have been completed in 1922. Other differences are:

The earlier versions of Danza silvestra and Canzona serenta are included in the Zen-On edition. Alla Coda is almost identical to the present Alla reminiscenza but is not separated from Canzona in the manuscript.

The Zen-On edition is based on the first edition (1922) and the Collected Edition and refers to two secondary sources: Alfred Laliberté's copy of the first edition with handwritten corrections by Medtner, and the manuscripts in the National Library of Canada, Ottawa. Generally the Collected Edition is preferred, but textual variants are given.

The differences between the 1922 and 1959 editions are mostly minor. For the Sonata-reminiscenza they are as follows. This variorum was written before I had seen the Zen-On edition: a few points of difference noted below are not mentioned in the English version of the Critical Notes in the Zen-On, and vice versa. There are fewer differences between editions in the other pieces of the cycle.

Op 38 no 1