Forgotten Melodies, Second Cycle, Op 39

Date: 1918-20
For: Piano
Published by: Zimmermann 1923
Availability: Zimmermann (1923, sep); Moscow: Muzyka (1959/2000); Zimmermann (2005, ed. Flamm); Dover (nos. 4 & 5, 1959/1998)


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no. 1
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no. 4  Canzona matinata
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no. 5  Sonata tragica
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Transcription of Op 39 no 4 for flute and piano
by Boris Bekhterev, published 2013 by P. Jurgenson, Moscow
Transcription of Op 39 no 4 for violin and piano
by Kenny Broberg


Ioudenitch/Broberg 2022 CD Warner Classics 5419737407

Medtner gave instructions that no.4 Canzona matinata and no.5 Sonata tragica are to be performed as a pair.

There are many additional markings in the 1959 edition of nos. 3-5, which Medtner probably played regularly as he recorded them in 1947. Generally the markings add additional detail, but in a couple of places the dynamic scheme is changed, e.g. the original edition of the Sonata tragica has a crescendo through the 3rd and 4th bars from the end of the exposition that is absent in the 1959 edition; there is another change in the coda. On the whole, the changes are of less consequence than those in some of the earlier works. Flamm's new Zimmermann edition indicates all textual variations.