Sonata in F minor, Op 5

Date: 1902-3
For: Piano
Published by: Belaieff 1904 and 1955
Availability: Peters (1955); Dover (1959/1998); Swan score (1904 rev/2021)


Fellegi 1988 CD Marco Polo 8223268
Milne 1989 CD Brilliant Classics 9195 7cds, 8851 7cds, CRD (vol.4) CRD3461
Hamelin 1997 CD Hyperion CDA67221/4
Tozer 1998 CD Chandos (vol.5) CHAN9691, CHAN9723 4cds
Neller 2009/Moscow* CD Moscow Conservatory SMC CD 0119-122 4cds
Stewart 2011 CD Grand Piano GP617, GP753-55 3cds
Russo 2012 CD Musical Concepts 150
Debargue 2016 CD Sony 88985341762

The 1955 edition is stated to be a revision by Medtner with alterations to dynamic and expressive markings. It appears on Peters' New York website and is offered by many suppliers.

An important additional source is a printed copy of the 1904 edition with many annotations and corrections by Medtner. It was given to Alfred J. Swan and now resides in he Special Collections Library of the University of Virginia. It has been typeset by Dmitri Kristalinsky (see link above). Many of the corrections are unique and appear in neither of the published editions. For a detailed comparison of this source with the 1955 and 1959 editions, see Nikolai Medtner: A New Source for Sonata in F Minor, Op.5 by Clement Barrera Acevedo (DMA thesis, James Madison University, 2018).