Three Arabesques, Op 7

Date: 1904
For: Piano
Published by: Jurgenson 1905
Availability: Simrock (1925/1995), from Boosey & Hawkes; International Music Co. (no.1, in Album of Selected Pieces)


Sama 1999 CD Lindberg PIANO002
Tozer 2002 CD Chandos (vol.8) CHAN10266
Filonova 2004 CD Ar Re-Se AR20059
Milne 2011 CD Hyperion CDA67851/2
Ang 2022 download Bandcamp (vol.II)

no. 1
Scharrer 1924 piano roll download Equinox, from Duo-Art 0218
Sofronitsky 1956/Moscow* CD Vista Vera VVCD-00249, Russian Compact Disc RCD16196
Nikonovich 1981 CD Russian Disc RDCD10014 - nla
Shirley Sawatzky 1989 cassette Canzona CT-90003 - nla
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Aizawa c.2013 CD Musideco Classical
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no. 2
Medtner 1947 78 HMV DB6563 LP Melodiya M10-41173/4 CD Appian (vol.3) APR5548, Testament SBT1027, St-Laurent YSL 78-005, Dante HPC130 - nla

no. 3
Medtner 1936 78 HMV DB3007, Victor 14509 (Set M-384) LP Melodiya M10-41173/4 CD Appian (vol.2) APR5547, St-Laurent YSL 78-007, Dante HPC130 - nla

Op 7 no 1 was formerly in the ABRSM Grade 8 syllabus.

The Simrock Edition is based on the 1925 Benjamin Edition, edited by Martin Frey. The editing, if any (see Op 8) appears to be mostly confined to pedalling, fingering, and repetition of the LH figure detail in no.3.

Those in possession of the Simrock edition may care to note the following differences in the 1959 Collected Edition.

Op 7 no 1

Op 7 no 2

Op 7 no 3